Earthquake Datalogging and Event File Viewing Software

Last Updated: 04/12/2015


WinQuake Release 3.3.7

Release 3.3.7 Date: 06/09/2014 

WinSDR Release 4.7.1 and Beta Release 4.7.3

Last Release Date: 4/14/2015

WinSDR is a datalogger program for the PSN-ADC-SERIAL, PSN-ADC-USB A/D boards as well as our new PSN-ACCEL Strong Motion Accelerometer and 4-Channel 24 Bit Digitizer boards.  WinSDR can be downloaded from here. The 32 or 64 bit setup program will install the current version of WinSDR on your system. WinSDR documentation can be viewed here.

Earthworm Modules

Two data acquisition modules have been written to import data into the USGS Earthworm seismic processing software package. You can download Earthworm here. The following links have more information on this very powerful package. Currently Windows and Linux/Unix systems are supported.

One module called PsnAdSend can be used to send data to Earthworm system using the 16-Bit 8-Channel PSN-ADC-SERIAL/PSN-ADC-USB Analog to Digital board or our new PSN-ACCEL Strong Motion Sensor Board.  This module opens a Comm port and receives data directly for the ADC board. 

The other module called WinSDR to Earthworm (Ws2Ew) use the TCP/IP server feature in WinSDR to send data to the Earthworm system. Ws2Ew acts as a TCP/IP client and sends selected channels to Earthworm. This allows the user to run both WinSDR and Earthworm. Since the data transfer uses TCP/IP, one system can be used or the data from one system running WinSDR can be sent to another system on a LAN or over the Internet.

PSNAdSend Version 2.5 and Ws2Ew Modules for Earthworm 7.x (Windows and Linux/Unix)

Release Date: December 21, 2014

Creating PSN Type 4 Event Files using Earthworm

Earthworm version 7.x includes the psn4putaway.c and header files to create PSN Type 4 event files. This updated set of files fix a problem in the original  psn4putaway.c file that would limit only one event file from being created if multiple event files were requested. The new files also allow Linux/Unix systems to create PSN files. See the readme.txt and station.lst for more information. The zip file also has updated trig2disk and waveman2disk executables  that can create PSN Type 4 event files.

Other Files

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