Earthworm Modules:
WinSDR to Earthworm for EW Version 7.x Overview

Updated October 3, 2012 by Larry Cochrane

WinSDR to Earthworm (Ws2Ew) is a way of receiving digitized data in real-time using TCP/IP from the Webtronics WinSDR datalogger program. This module runs under Windows or Linux and imports demultiplexed data into one of the transport data rings. 

To use this module WinSDR must be setup to act as a TCP/IP data server. The connection between WinSDR and Ws2Ew can be done in one of two ways. Either WinSDR or Ws2Ew can initiate the connection.  Normally WinSDR would be configured to listen for connections from Ws2Ew or a WinSDR system configured in the client mode. In this configuration WinSDR would have the Connect to Client at checkbox turned off and Ws2Ew configuration file parameter ListenMode = 0. The other connection mode would be to have WinSDR connect to Ws2Ew. To use this mode check the WinSDR's Connect to Client at checkbox and enter the IP Address or host name of the system running Ws2Ew and in the Ws2Ew .d file set ListenMode to 1.

This module was built using Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 and OpenSUSE 11.4.

Addition Configuration File Information:

Ws2Ew Version 2 has some additional configuration file parameters; 

The ConsoleDisplay parameter is only used under Windows and controls how Ws2Ew displays status information on the screen.  If set to 1, the  program will clear the screen, reposition the cursor to the top of the window and display the status information.  When ConsoleDisplay = 0, status information will be appended to the end of the screen buffer.

The ControlCExit parameter controls how the module handles console event signals like Control-C. If the parameter = 1, Ws2Ew will exit, if 0, the program will ignore Control-C keyboard input.

The RefreshTime parameter is used to automatically display the module status on the screen. The number entered is in seconds. If the user enters 0 (zero) for this parameter no status information will be displayed on the screen.

CheckStdin is another Windows only feature. If set to 1, the program will pole the STDIN buffer using kbhit() for any user input. Currently only the 'c' key is used to clear the packet received counter, all other input will redisplay the module status information.

The Station/Component/Network/Location (SCNL) channel line format has been changed and the need for Nchan has been removed. The number of channels that the program will process is now controlled by how many SCNL channel lines are found in the configuration file. Older versions of Ws2Ew required a index parameter per Channel line, this is no longer needed. The new SCNL line format looks like this:

#      Station Comp Net Loc Send FilterDelay
#      ------- ---- --- --- ---- -----------
Chan   CHAN1   BHZ  PN  01  YES     10

Note: The Filter Delay parameter is used to compensate for the propagation delay of the signal through the low-pass filter
connected between the sensor and the A/D card. This is done by subtracting time from the packet start time before sending the data to the EW ring.

Data Time Stamping:

All data is time stamped at the WinSDR server side. WinSDR can use various methods to time stamp the data including GPS, WWV or the computer's system time. 

See the link below for a list of commands used to control the WinSDR to Earthworm module.

Ws2Ew Commands