Release Notes

Last Updated: 02/09/2017

WinSDR Release Notes:

Version 4.7.8 Release Date: 02/09/17

Added support for the Raspberry PI SHAKE digitizer

Version 4.7.5 Release Date: 05/12/14

Added Passive Mode FTP uploads. Added OEM4800 and OEM9600 baud GPS timing options. Fixed several GPS timing bugs.

Version 4.7.4 Release Date: 02/19/14

Added the ability to run a program when WinSDR goes into an alarm state, saves event files and/or creates GIF image helicorder plots. Fixed a problem in the FTP upload code when transferring data to a Microsoft FTP Server.

Version 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 - Release Date: 4/29/13

Fixed some problems with the TCP/IP Client/Server feature. 

Version 4.6.x Changes - Release Date: 03/2013

Added support for our 24-Bit digitizers PSN-ACCEL (Strong Motion Sensor Board) and PSN-ADC24 boards. Added TCP/IP Connection option to ADC boards in the System Settings dialog box. Fixed a bug that would prevent daily record files to rollover at 00:00 UTC. A 64-Bit version of WinSDR is now available. This version will only run under a 64-Bit version of Windows (XP 64, Vista 64 or Win 7 64). More release notes...

Version 4.3.x Changes - Release Date: 01/2011

Fixed various bugs reported by users.

Version 4.1.x Changes - Release Date: 05/2008

Added support for PSN-ADC-SERIAL Version III board. Add All Channels buttons to the Channel Settings dialog box. 

Version 4.0 Changes - Release Date: 01/2007

Added support for VolksMeter sensor. The System and Channel control dialog boxes now have tab controls to allow for more parameters.  

Version 3.0 Changes - Release Date: 02/2006

Added MiniSeed and SAC Binary event file support. Added MiniSeed TCP/IP server feature. Improved GPS timing with new PSNADBoard.dll. ADC data saved to the daily record files can now be filtered. Fixed a problem with the TCP/IP Client data collection.

Added support for more sample rates and fixed a problem with sample rates below 50 SPS. This version of the firmware should only be used with WinSDR 2.0.3 or above.

Version 1.7 Changes - Release Date: 03/08/2002

Fixed a problem in the time keeping code. Made a few minor changes to the log file time messages.

Version 1.6 Changes - Release Date: 02/24/2002

Added code to deal with no system block information in the flash memory. Without the system block information the program would not initialize the Comm port properly. This information should be programmed into the flash by the manufacturer of the CPU module. The last batch of modules I purchased did not contain this information, so I hard coded the location in flash memory where the program configuration information should be located.  

Version 1.5 Changes - Release Date: 01/12/2002

Added Time Server output using the AUX serial comm port. This is similar to the time server output of SDR. 

Support for the Port time reference input using the GPS port. This is similar to the Port time reference feature in SDR.

Fix a bug around how the program initializes the WWV time buffer.

Better support for the Local Time Reference feature.

Version 1.1 Changes - Release Date: 12/26/2001

Added support for different baud rates. Baud rate is saved in the flash memory.

Fixed a bug when changing the number of channels to record.

Version 1.0 - Release Date: 12/18/2001

Released to beta testers.

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