Locating Earthquakes using Earthworm

Updated: 08/07/2020

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Earthquakes Located by Earthworm

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Station Information

New - Running Earthworm on a Raspberry Pi Board

Please read the following if you would like to supply data to the PSN Earthworm Network

Current Seismicity Helicorders Generated By Earthworm's Winston Server

Images updated every 5 minutes

RE9A7 - Tracy CA Station

Seismograph Image

ADUB1 - Monte Sereno PSN Station

GLFBZ - Palo Alto PSN Station

MTUMZ - Mount Umunhum Station

More Helicorder Plots

ATZ - Aptos PSN Station

B054 - Berkeley USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B057 - San Rafael USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B058 - San Juan Bautista USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B073 - Parkfield USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

LCGPZ - Redwood City PSN Station

Seismograph Image

Current Station Map

= USGS Station = PSN Station

More Stations Needed

If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and running WinSDR or a Raspberry Shake you can help the PSN Earthworm Network locate earthquakes better by sending in data from one of your sensor. 

Here is a list of requirements:

If you meet the criteria above please contact me and I will send you information on how to configure WinSDR to send in your data to my Earthworm system. 

Last Update: 08/07/2020

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